Techno-maezawa in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture Japan. Design, produce and overhaul of resin liners for sand mixer.

  • It takes too many hours to change liners as they are mounted with numerous bolts.
  • Sands are easily leaked to fill between the body and the liners.
  • The liners become distorted or broken since the body can not support them properly because of its deterioration and corrosion.
  • Standard liners use steel mounting plates which have to be frequently replaced.
  • Maximum thickness of resin is 10mm due to the difficulty of bending greater thickness’s.
Improvement Designed by Techno Maezawa
  • Pan liners (base liners) are 20mm thick
  • Cleave liners (side liners) have 15mm resin bolted to a steel backing plate
  • Caps for mounting bolts eliminate abrasion of bolts heads
  • Each segment of liners is mounted with just four bolts
  • On larger machines the liner segments are interchangeable with one another and can also be rotated and re-mounted to distribute wear
  • Expendable steel mounting plates are not necessary with our system, hence saving on maintenance costs

Our gates are made in eight sections using special resin and are angled to shut securely and open without sticking. This system is three or four times stronger than the SS specifications. Each section can be replaced individually. Our system has been designed to fit most type of machines. As the mounting bolts are capped they can be easily removed.

The other sides we have designed more improved 19mm steel plates for gates same as standard for large mixer.