Techno-maezawa in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture Japan. Design, produce and overhaul of resin liners for sand mixer.

UHMW has a molecular weight of 3.5~8.0 million, is much more greater than other ordinary high density polyethylene, which has a molecular weight of only ten of thousands to several hundred thousands Dalton. This contributes to its superb physical and chemical properties.
◎Thickness is from 1mm
◎Light weight(Density is 0.97)
◎Wear and abrasion resistance
◎Anti-static electricity・・・・・long life for expendable parts
◎Dimensional stability under heat is 97 degrees
◎Notch impact strength is non-destruction
Density g/㎤ DIN 53479 0.94 0.97
Abrasion Index Sand Slurry 100 100
Tensile Strength N/㎟ DIN 53455 22 22
Breaking Strength@23℃ N/㎟ DIN 53455 44 43
Elongation at break@23℃ DIN 53455 >350 >350
Shore hardness D scale DIN 53505 64 64
Notch Impact Strength N/㎟ DIN 53453 not destroy not destroy
Ball Indentation hardness N/㎟ DIN 53456 38 40
Melting Temperature Polarisation 137 139
Linear expansion factor@23℃ ℃/m/m DIN 52328 2.1×10⁻⁴ 2.1×10⁻⁴
Thermal Conductivity@23℃ W/℃.m DIN 52612 0.42 0.42
Dimensional Stability under heat DIN 53461 95
Volume resistance DIN 53482 >10¹⁵ >10⁶
Surface resistance Ohm DIN 53482 >4×10¹³ >10⁷
Dielectric strength Kv/mm DIN 53481 >45
material Comparison value
Carbon steel 6.8
Stainless steel(SUS604) 5.2
POM 15.2
MC Nylon 3.8
PTFE 6.2
Polyurethane 5.6

Our products are made by direct polymerization of nylon resin during casting. It is a typical engineering plastic that has a higher degree of crystallization than ordinary nylon resin, and features excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and creep properties.

Our products can be applied to moving parts such as sliding boards, gears and rollers for steel equipment, solid parking lot parts, food machines, paper manufacturing machines, construction machines and Tooling machine.